Tuesday, April 19, 2005

So...the new pope was elected today after mucho speculation. I'm really surprised they chose the ex-Nazi; I thought he'd get blackballed immediately in light of the fact that the Catholic church doesn't really need another mark on its reputation. Here's my brief recap...no need to watch cnn or anything.

The bad news: You're not likely to see any married, female priests handing out rubbers from the church basement anytime soon. This is the guy who kept JP2 in line. And he was pretty straight to start out with.

The not so bad news: At 78, the dude barely made the age limit for consideration so I doubt they're investing in the long run. He's essentially the 'rebound pope'; the one they use to buy them dinner and keep them warm at night while they get over their feelings for the last guy.

Oh, and latin with that nasty German accent just sounds weird.

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