Wednesday, August 31, 2005

*shopping update*

We have clothes. After wrestling her to the ground and dragging her into the dressing room with at least one item in each store we went to, she conceded and will not be going to school wearing the swimsuit she's lived in all summer.

Although I wish she'd wear the odd skirt, apparently I have given birth to Sporty Spice and we only shop in the boys' department. It has to be comfortable. And the shoes have to be FAST. And cool. Cool apparently means camoflage print big enough to fit three people inside. At least the boys won't be staring at her ass. If I can just get this 'baggy pants' thing to last about 10 more years we'll be safe but I'm not holding my breath.

My girl also lost her first tooth this week. She's seven and going into grade three and has been rather pissed that she was the only kid in her class with all her baby teeth. 'What a lo-ser' *roll eyes*

Driven by all the glory that is Adult Teeth and an insatiable craving for money, she was so excited that she FINALLY had a loose tooth this week. She's been absolutely obsessing about it. Wiggling it. Talking about it (which totally wigs my husband out). Eating apples and carrots. Within two days she had taken it from barely wiggling to hanging by a few strings - then she just ripped it right out of her head! She was giggling maniacally and, frankly, freaking us right out.

Under her pillow tonight was not just the tooth, but also a note for the Tooth Fairy:

Dear Tooth Fary,
Can you pleese leev me 20 buks? I'll do anything!!!!!!!! Pleeeeees

I am so afraid. We are in for a world of hurt when puberty hits this girl.