Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Oversimplication Q. Unstudied*
Titmouse O. Impacted*
Impending K. Hookup*
Bullfinch F. Sarcastically*
Slums F. Stratifying*
Speeder H. Enraptures*
Hallucinatory P. Handkerchief*

For the love of BABY F. JESUS will someone please teach these morons how to spam?

Now, I'm a girl who knows how to sell shit; it's what I do for grocery money. I can get my brain around a market like a seasoned used car salesman - no one even sees me coming.

But for the love of Jesus And His Money, how completely devoid of God-given, ever-lovin', common sense do you HAVE to be to open an email with the FROM: address of Exportation B. Returnables* or Headphone P. Deadpan*

* names have NOT been changed to protect the innocent

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