Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Today I'm having on of those days. You know the ones...nothing can go right. I've had terrible insomnia lately so I'm dead tired, slept in, then had to rush around to get out the door.
Think 'chicken with head cut off'. I feel so bad for the children on those mornings; I don't mean to yell, really.

My lovely husband actually had coffee ready and waiting for me this morning (I won't mention that it was so strong and bitter that my spoon came out half disintegrated after stirring...). After tasting it I decided that it needed more creamer and reached behind my cup for the spoon I had already used, knocking over my entire mug of hot, sweet coffee. It was literally a coffee explosion; all over the counter, a 5 foot spray of creamy coffee all over the floor, splashes up the cupboards, dripping inside the cupboards, and all over the white dishwasher. Not to mention that this happened when I needed to be walking out the door. The kids were already in the car and I had to run so I just mopped up the worst bits with paper towel and ran.

So I pulled up to the drop off zone at school so they could do the commando roll out of the van and run into class in the nick of time and off to the gym I went. I had managed to salvage about 4 ounces of coffee for my travel mug, which I was really looking forward to; I like to have a chat and coffee with the gym daycare lady before my workout. I got Nolan all settled in and took my much-deserved first sip of coffee, which dribbled all down the front of my white t-shirt because the lid wasn't on properly (!!). So I worked out with a big brown coffee smear on my shirt, trying to keep my vest in place to hide it a bit. It didn't matter that I was about ready to pass out from the heat; I wasn't taking the damn thing off.

I'm hoping the rest of the day goes a little better but I'm pretty much staying in one spot to try to improve my odds. I have to sign off now; I have to wash the floor because you can barely get your feet unstuck to walk across the room. Although, that could work in my favour ...

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