Monday, May 16, 2005

Well...the kidless weekend went off without a hitch. No one called at 11pm wanting to be picked up because they needed their Mommy. No allergy attacks, broken bones, or trips to the hospital ER. The phone remained silent (eventhough I called them about 3 times,... but that doesn't count.)

Hubby and I went out for dinner, had a cocktail or two, then wandered over to the neighbour's for some grown up conversation and a glass of wine or two.* We came home, watched some internet porn, and had crazy date sex in the kitchen. (no, not in any food preparation areas, sickos)

The urge for French Toast came on rather suddenly in the morning and not much grooming preparation went into appearances before heading out for breakfast. We were enjoying a coffee and ignoring each other over the Sunday paper when I attempted to run my fingers through my hair. But they got stuck right near the bottom. My hair is rather long so I took a look to see if I could work my way through the knot. wasn't a knot. Think 'something about mary'. That's right.

Post breaky, we enjoyed a quiet day of recovery before the children returned. A Sunday nooner might have been in there somewhere too.

It sure beat the hell out of how I thought our night would go down. When you're an old married couple like us, it pays to not get your hopes up too high. Expect the worst and you'll rarely be disappointed. I was pleased, as a matter of fact.

*....or six, not that anyone was counting.

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