Monday, June 20, 2005

I am no longer twenty.

On Friday night we had a few friends over for dinner; 3 couples, barbequed chicken, a salad, nothing crazy. We sat on the deck, looked out at the water, had a few drinks, watched the cars coming and going as a party heated up across the road.

You see, there's a nice 20 year old kid that lives in the basement suite across the street. His landlord and his mom were both over at our place watching the friends pile in to his little one bedroom apartment. They were a happy group, really having a lot of fun.

Around 11pm we decided that they were having WAY more fun than we were and we should just go and see what it was all about. Things went a little sideways after that.

I recall watching their backyard neighbour, The Religious Freak, hanging over her sundeck railing screaching 'Shut the fuck up! I'm calling the cops and your asses will be in JAIL!'.

I recall being overly obsessed that my friend had brought her drink over from my house in my wedding crystal.

I recall watching my friend funnel beer like a frat boy. Remember, her son is the 20 year old; she's no spring chicken.

I recall kicking some Paris Hilton wannabe out of the bathroom because I had to pee really bad.

I recall two boys putting on hockey gloves and helmets with full cages and start boxing in the middle of the back yard. They even had a ref.

It was about then that I decided I was way too old for this. I'm not twenty anymore afterall.

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