Monday, June 27, 2005

Summer Vacation, Day 1

Today is officially the first day of Summer Vacation - the weekend doesn't count, of course. So far, so good; all alive and accounted for. Of course, Hubby is off work today so that takes a little heat off good ol' Mom. I only had to take two kids grocery shopping so it was tolerable. I didn't realllllly want to go but the whining and crying about the lack of food in the house was becoming too much to bear.

We now have five, yes 5, different types of granola bars along with crackers, fruit rollups, cheese strings, yogurt, cereal bars, pudding cups, and every type of fruit known to man. I even made muffins with the brown bananas that were left from last week's shopping trip. What did my oldest want for a snack before bed? Soup!!

It's only Day One people..............................

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