Friday, June 24, 2005

Things I know to be true.

Now, I know I didn't leave that glass on my bedside table on Monday. But yet, there it was.

I know I didn't eat 3 bags of Scooby fruit snacks and leave the wrappers on my bedside table on Tuesday. And yet, there they were.

I *know* that I didn't eat a bowl of stew and leave my dishes in my room. Hmmmm...dirty bowl in my room.

I'm 31 and don't drink out of toddler sippy cups. Why then, did I find two of them hidden under my bed?

Ok, I'm no hillbilly, but my kids like to go to 7-11 once in a while to get a Slurpee. I don't like them. Why then did I find two Star Wars themed slurpee cups in my ensuite bathroom? (I am so not blaming this on the children because my husband is way more of a Star Wars freak then all three of them combined).

To make a long story short.... when you see those decorating shows where they make their bedrooms their 'sanctuary', it's a lod of crap if they have children under 15. And even then, I'm not so sure.

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