Tuesday, July 05, 2005

real clean vs surface clean

So, we keep the day-to-day bottle recycling stuff (ie, the empty booze containers) in the cupboard under the microwave. Every so often, but not THAT often, our consumption overwhelmes our facilities and the 'recycling cupboard' gets a little full. (By the way, this recycling is completely separate from the cardboard and newspaper recycling stuff that the city picks up every second garbage day.) During these ever-so-brief moments the 'recycling' might spill out and take over the counter top next to the microwave. Maybe even enough so that you can't even use the microwave, but that's totally inconsequential...

Today, Hubby had the day off and offered (ie, it was at the top of his 'Honey Do' list...but whatever) to 'take care of' the recycling one eyed monster. It really is a monster; I can no longer stand to be reminded of my problem with alcohol and prefer for the bottles to be either downstairs in the basement (at the very least) or back home at the recycling centre.

Have I mentioned how much Hubby hates the recycling centre? I'm usually pretty liberal with the term, but in this case I LITERALLY mean hate. Weird people, bees, bad smells, everyone fighting for a spot at the sorting table. You get the picture.

So...today was recycling day. He did a great job, I can see my counter tops again, use the nuker if I desire. In fact, I might just finish off this last glass of vino and make myself a cup of tea. I'd better put the empty bottle away in the recycling cupboard before I put my cup of water in the microwave for my tea.

Oh? What's this?


All the lazy bastard did was clear off the counter top to shut me up. He didn't REALLY clean, he 'man-cleaned'. AKA, if you can't see it, it doesn't exist.

News flash: your mom doesn't live here so you're going to have to clean up after yourself!

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