Friday, July 29, 2005


So, I have this get-out-of-the-house part time job - I work two shifts a week in a little British pub. The best part (and the real reason I work there...)? No KIDS! It's usually great and the owners are a lovely couple from London who I'd adopte as my parents if given the chance. But you see, my problem is the people, ie 'the customers'. I don't like them.

I'm actually a fairly snarky person by nature...a little bitchy even. Mostly behind their back, but sometimes to their face too. I have very little patience for drunks (unless I'm one of them) and even less for stupid people. A little bit of stupid is tolerable if you catch me on a good day but downright no-good-common-sense idiots are fair game. When you can openly mock them and they don't even realize, it's just not fun. Certainly not good sport, in any case.

I saw a guy last week with a shirt that had printed on it: I See Dumb People. I thought, 'Ooooooohh, I need to get me one of those!'. I actually think it should be our uniform shirt but that just wouldn't be politically correct now, would it?

This is a long weekend here, it's BC Day on Monday and, much to my displeasure, I think half of the city decided to take the extra day off and make it a four day weekend, making tonight their Friday. Thanks for that. really. Oh, and it was hot. And we don't have air conditioning. I was a sweaty, cranky, red tomato by the end of the night but right now I'm enjoying one of my new favourite things, a Yuha, and trying to block out the mountain of things I have to do tomorrow.

We're going camping for four days with another family. And I'm not worried at all that the adults are outnumbered by the children 6:4. Nope, not at all. The wine and Yuhas will wash it all away.

I'll post pics...if I make it out alive.

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