Monday, September 12, 2005

Along with school comes the germs

As all parents know, children are coughing, sneezing, disease-infested hooligans. 'Back To School' is really 'Back To Cooties' as 20+ children get together to combine their bacteria and conncoct Super Strength Germs.

But the unfair thing is: they're cute. And we love them. Our own children could be the most drooly, sneezy, sickly little things but we have the overwhelming and incontrollable urge to kiss, hug, cuddle, and otherwise comfort them with all of our parenting get-better powers. Unfortunately, this leaves us completely unprotected from said Germs.

I fought hard, and I fought strong but this weekend I succumbed to The Germs and now have a voice like I have been smoking for a minimum of 50 years. Every time I cough I expect to see a lung fly out of my mouth.

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