Friday, September 02, 2005

Back in the Day

Before my sister and I hit school age we were the best of friends but once we were opened up to the big wide world of elementary school and the new social life it brought we were not so buddy/buddy. She and I were very different little girls with opposite tastes in clothes, friends, and toys. She was a dirt-rolling tomboy and I was a prissy pink princess. We fought quite a bit but still had a love/hate thing going on.

Back in 1970-something I was in Grade 3 and she was in Grade 1. It came down through the playground grapevine one day that a boy named Vincent was picking on my sister. I instantly saw red and gathered up my Knee Sock Posse to hunt this guy down.
Once face to face with the bully I assumed my haughty indignant stance and confronted his behaviour. When he laughed off my confrontation I immediately grabbed a tiny handful of his greasy mane and flung him to the ground screaming, "If anyone is gonna be mean to my sister, it's gonna be ME!". Never underestimate the wrath of a woman protecting her own.
Tonight, I was experiencing a flashback to that day as I drove past her husband's girlfriend's house looking for his truck.

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