Thursday, October 06, 2005

I am a true Canadian geek.

I'm flirting with 'middle age' and I have the hips to prove it. I also have an inherent love of the devil's brew....Mama loves the booze. I have somewhat of a competitve spirit. (Actually, what I really mean to say is, if I can't win I don't want to play.) Also, taking said hips into consideration, marathon running isn't really an option.

In gathering all of this info, thinking realistically, and needing a hobby, I have decided to learn how to Curl. That's right, baby - one step up from bowling, one step down from golf, there lies one of Canada's geekier sports, Curling. You play on a team of four, against another team of four, most leagues being broken up into men's and ladies' groups. You don't have to be the an expert to play and the best part of all? It's practically written into the rules that you HAVE to go up to the club lounge after each game with your opposing team. It shows good's simply rude not to. Who am I if not Miss Manners?

I took the 'Novice Clinic' at my local rink this week and holy crap if this little sport isn't as easy as it looks on tv! My ass hurts from all the squatting and sliding and my arms are about to break off at the shoulders from all the sweeping but it was actually really fun. Plus the booze, it makes it all better.

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