Wednesday, November 16, 2005

So, so big now

At this time 11 years ago I was recovering from 23 hours of baby-induced hell. I went into labour at 6am November 15, 1994. At first I thought I just had a well-deserved bout of the trots due to the Taco Time we had for dinner the night before (A pregnant girl can wolf down quite a few soft tacos....) so my husband went to work. It turned to actually be contractions so I had to GO PICK HIM UP. That's right - driving. With labour pains.

In my first baby naivete, I decided that going to the hospital was just not possible without at least 10 pairs of clean underwear. Being that we were young and poor, we didn't own a washing machine so we went to my mother-in-law's to do laundry. And she laughed at my pain and bragged about her highly superior three hour labour and deliveries. I guess it's funny to see someone being ripped apart by contractions after you've done it four times yourself and it's not you this time.

Time warp to the hospital... after 6 hours of pain I almost kissed the anesthesiologist on the lips whe he finally showed up to jam a huge needle into my spine. It's amazing what we'll gladly submit to just to end the suffering. My husband said I was like a wilted flower who had come back to life. I'm not a screamer, not even a groaner. I hadn't made a sound for almost five hours. Epidural? I definitely recommend it.

After 23 hours of labour and two hours of pushing with 'assistance' from those big metal salad tongs they call forceps, it was decided that my pumpkin-headed child was not coming out that door. I was a little scared about the surgery but I was ready to agree to anything as long as they put more of that numbing stuff into my spine. Anything to stop the feeling that my guts were being ripped out from my crotch. C-section it is!

They pulled him out and held him up and DAMN he looked pissed off. He was all red and angry...and the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen in my entire life. Pain? What pain? Just let me hold that beautiful boy.

It's so hard to believe that that was eleven years ago and not yesterday. My first baby is growing up right before my eyes and I hate it and love it all at the same time. I feel time slipping through my fingers and it hurts but at the same time I am so excited for him to experience all of the wonderful things that lay in is path.

He is such a wonderful boy; sweet, senstitive, quiet, thoughtful, smart. He gets along so well with everyone and takes good care of his little brother. He helps around the house and even makes his bed every morning without me having to yell. He puts away the dishes and takes out the garbage without much grumbling. The best of all - he'll even cuddle with his Mom for a few minutes as long as there are none of his friends around to witness it. And he is so, so handsome. The perfect child.

Happy birthday baby.

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