Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I took three 11 year old boys to dinner and a movie on Friday night to celebrate my son's birthday. This was the closest thing I've had that even remotely resembles a date in a very long time. Yes, I'm married. Yes, my husband needs to take me out more often.

The boys were great, the dinner was yummy, and the movie was fabulous. I haven't read any of the Harry Potter books but I have seen all of the movies. I don't think that my imagination could ever picture some of the amazing creatures and scenes that the movies portray. The characters are amazing in both their eccentricities and their complexion and the theme of loyalty, friendship, and integrity run strong in this film. JK Rowling is definitely a genius.

My son is right at the cusp of childhood/teenage, discovering the magic of the opposite sex, mature enough to carry an intelligent conversation, yet still needs a mom's cuddle sometimes to reassure him. His friends are also vastly different in personality in these final years before the highschool conformity takes effect.

For example, his two best friends couldn't be any more different from each other. One is the son of a published author and college English professor possessing the vocabulary, articulation, and creativity of a novel writer himself. He is small and nerdy looking, wears glasses, and already loves girls. This kid has figured out a few of the tricks it takes most men many many years to clue into, if they do at all. His goal in life is to become a chef - because women like a man who can cook. He also joins every service commitee at school, always a fabulous girl:boy ratio, just to get closer to them.

The other friend is the strong silent type. A football player, strong as an ox both physically and mentally. He doesn't have to say much, just flash his bright blue eyes and adorable dimples to have all the girls calling. Even then, he's not really all that interested in them.

The fact that these boys, with such distinct and contrasting personalities, can be so inseperable makes me smile and feel hopeful that maybe he is forming the kind of life-long friendships that shape a person throughout their growing up.

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