Thursday, November 10, 2005

Warning: This post may ruin your life

I'm not looking for a job. Neither is my husband. Why then, was he at this site ruining my life? That's right - I'm skidding towards complete failure and destitution. I can't get any work done, my house is filthy, the closest I've been to 'getting dressed' is throwing my coat over my pj's to drive the kids to school. They're lucky they're being driven at all because my car doesn't get a very good wi-fi signal.

THIS GAME will be my downfall. It can be yours too - just try it. I guarantee you'll be instantly hooked like that first hit of heroin.

Need the computer for homework kids? Screw off. My husband and I wrestle each other for the computer in the evenings, deathmatch-style. You see, we are both a tad competitve in nature. And by 'competitive' I mean completely obsessed with winning. But you see, I work from home and also stay up much later than him at night so I'm kicking his ass royally. And it's killing him. And I laugh and laugh. My best score: level 35. His best score: level 13.

He's my bitch.

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