Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Healthy? Fuck that.

My sister called today looking for a recipe for a dip I make with a fruit plate (Equal parts Cool Whip and any flavour of yoghurt you like if you're also interested. Very yummy.).

Apparently her son's Kindergarten class is having a little 'Holiday Party' (which is another subject for another day *sigh*). The mandate came down that only HEALTHY SNACKS would be acceptable at this little shindig. Although my nephew gets his fair share of Poptarts and Pepsi my sister is, of course, wanting to conform to the prescribed 'good parent' standard at their school and will make a $25 fruit platter for a bunch of 5 year olds she doesn't know rather than whip up a $1.99 package of cake mix into 'holiday' cupcakes. Rookie.

While my children don't go to one of the elite bilingual schools that my nephew attends, the students at our school are the sons and daughters of a nice mix of doctors, lawyers, pilots, engineers, and other miscelleneous university educated professionals. This equates to a LOT of anal, stay-at-home, my-children-are-my-career types on the parent advisory council. (That's PTA for you american visitors...). This ain't no ghetto school. There is no free lunch program required at our school.

This does not prevent the powers-that-be at the school from including a monthly reminder that they frown upon unhealthy eating choices and any parent caught sending their child to school with chocolate bars will be strung up and publicly ridiculed as punishment. But surely we know how to properly dress and clothe our children as the lack thereof has never been an issue as far as I know.

I'm sorry but IT'S MY FUCKING KID. If I want to send my children to school with a can of 7up and a bag of Doritos for lunch it's MY decision to do so. Of course, this would never happen, but who the F are they? No one can tell me how to raise my children unless they had something to do with the conception of said children. And I don't remember the principle of our school being in my bedroom any time in the last twelve years or so.

Also, how hypocritical is it that the same school who FROWNS upon sugar, fat, and carbs also supports a weekly 'hot lunch' day every Friday where the children can choose PIZZA OR HOT DOGS for lunch. What. The. Fuck.

Don't they have bigger issues to be concerned with? Class sizes? Cut backs? Bullying? Proper supervision on the playground? Students learning? Passing tests?

Should I take it as a good sign that the biggest issue they have to preach about is nutrition? Am I overreacting?

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