Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The life of Riley, part 1.

It was late winter/early spring of 1997. I was 23 and full of promise, a woman on a mission. I had a two year old son and a boyfriend who couldn't find a job. I was going to college and had a new job in an Irish singalong-type of pub. I had just been accepted to the program I wanted at school. It was going to be a little intense for a few years but it was going to pay off in the end. Life was as free and as hopeful as it can be when you are working hard towards a promising future.

Then it happened.

I gagged while I brushed my teeth. My breasts hurt. I was sick.

It was just the flu. Really. I needed more vitamins, stop going out with the girls on weekends. Really.

I missed my period.

Holy fuck.

Oh my God.

Shut UP.

A two year old baby. Live-in boyfriend with no job. School. Bread-winning shit job. Major school. HUGE student loans. Two pink lines. Oh. My. God.

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