Thursday, March 02, 2006

conventional vs holistic

Every child grows up believing, in the beginning, that their parents are the s.h.i.t. Completely trustworthy and on top of everything. Then we become The Teenagers, knowers-of-all, and start to question whether or not our parents have actually managed to pull their tiny heads out of their asses in their 40-something years of being. And this is very doubtful.

I don't know about you, but my mother was clearly Insane from the time I was 14 to at LEAST 17, if not later. I grew up with a one parent family and I know it must have been hard and frequently stressful for Mom but she was clearly off her nut. Organic food, vegetarian cooking classes, Macrobiotics, whole wheat everything - not to mention the Tai Chi, Chakras, and self-help books. She was a latent Hippy, long after hippydome was fad and fashionable.

When Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer almost three years ago, she was all about the naturopathic doctor. She had oxygen therapy, massages, injections, herbal pills, etc etc etc. She was taking all this stuff on top of her 'conventional' medicine prescribed by her Oncologist - the usual rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, on top of surgerical intervention. There came a time when Mom's hippydippy tendencies came into question and debate....was the Naturopath helping or hindering her chances for recovery and survival? Was the naturopathy helping or interfering and preventing the optimum benefit of the western medicinal interventions?

Guess which path she chose?

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