Thursday, March 23, 2006

No Baby!

This is my sister. She is 38 weeks pregnant and very, very cranky. She's not actually due until the first week od April but for the past 25 weeks or so, her OB has been telling her that she'll be 3-6 weeks early. She was 3 weeks early with her first and she'll be even earlier for this baby. She's been holding on to this like a Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket to Quick Relief.

Anyone who has been pregnant even once knows how goforsakenaweful the last few weeks are. Now, I love my sister like we aren't even related but frankly she isn't really a nice person to begin with. Add 8 months of vomiting and back pressure to the mix and she's downright evil.

That photo was taken on March 13th, the day she went into labour for the first time. (Only beacuse her husband was a four hour drive away for work that day of course, mind you.) More than a week has passed since this pic was taken and the scene has only become larger, lower, and accompanied by a nasty disposition and many more contractions. But no damn baby.

Upon her last examination on Tuesday afternoon, it was discovered she was already 2 cm dilated. Two fucking centimetres!! It took me 6 hours of labour to achieve 2 cm!! The bitch. I swear to God this baby is just going to fall right out one day this week and bypass the whole labour process altogether. ("Excuse me ma'am...I think you dropped something!")

We also think it's a girl because

a) She can't decide when to show up.

b) She's certainly not going to let anyone tell her when to show up.

c) Everyone is sitting around waiting for her to get ready to go!

Oh, and my sister says this baby is totally grounded for life once it finally comes out. She's bitter.

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