Wednesday, March 22, 2006

WordPress or MovableType/TypePad?

I've been very quiet on here lately but it's been for a good reason. In addition to my three children, husband, house, home business, and part time job I've been working on developing a new project. I'm not ready to say what it is just yet but I'm looking for some of your experienced opinions.

I've used blogger before for this and one other business project and, while it is very user-friendly for the most part, it seems somewhat limiting and amateurish. Being that this will be a professional project, I am looking to use either movable type or wordpress and I'd like to hear your experiences and recommendations for either. I would like flexibility with themes/design, options to add a calendar, manage my archives, manage my comments, the option for multiple contributers, good comment spam prevention, and frankly a very low PITA factor (pain-in-the-ass factor). Price is also an is better than pay-for-service but I'm willing to pay a reasonable price if I get the options I'm looking for.

Any comments you can contribute would be very much appreciated!

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