Thursday, July 20, 2006

Budget Talks

Since buying our first house in May, hubby and I have been spending like a crack whore on payday. There's a lot of shit to buy when you have a house, things I had no idea about.

Like, who knew a bathroom faucet runs about $150? Ceiling paint - $40/can. And no, one can won't do the job! Property taxes? Due July 2.

New yard = new yard maintenance machines. Lawn mower and weed eater...that'll be a thousand dollars please. Because we have to have the best lawn in the neighbourhood. Yes, I'm married to THAT guy. As such, we are now Home Depot's bitch. We owe our souls to the Home Depot 78%-compounded-every-minute credit card.

Also? We bought a new-to-us truck. A pretty, red truck. A truck with truck payments. Every month.

For the first time in sixteen years we were forced to sit down and take a hard look at how much money is coming in versus how much is leaking out. While the in:out ratio is still in the black it was embarassing to see the dollar figure attached to what we piss away on un-needed shit. I won't even tell you how many times it said 'liquor store' or 'pub' in the debit column, not to mention the restaurants and fast food joints. It was sickening.

I also spent $954 on groceries in the last month. Groceries! These little beggars need to stop eating us out of house and home and we need to stop buying so much booze. Although, with all three kids home every-day-all-day for the entire summer, I'm not sure which sustains their heath and well being more - the food or mommy's wine.

I'll try to cut back on both in an even proportion so as not to throw out the delicate balance on which our sanity rests.

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